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Drainzit Device

Custom Designed for Honda 4-stroke engine

  • Easy to install and simple to use
  • Fittings convert to SAE wrench sizes
  • Efficient, custom made metric fitting seal kit to Honda engine with o-ring
  • Flexible hose assembly reduces accidental loosening of drain kit and allows hose to be positioned according to application of use
  • Rubber retainer loop holds kit in place when not in use
  • All brass fittings for quality and service
  • 300 psi pressure tolerance
  • 14” overall length
  • Honda 1008: 8mm oil port, for GX50
  • Honda 1010: 10mm oil port, for GX100, GX 140, GX160, GX200
  • Honda 1012: 12mm oil port, for GX240, GX270, GX340, GX390
  • Honda 1420: 20 mm oil port, for Honda V-twin engines
  • B&S 1025: 1/4” port, for all B&S and Tecumseh engines