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Nutri-Ject® Supreme

A nutrient solution formulated for tree fertilization.  Each Tree Tech microinjection unit contains 12 ml of a balanced solution of macro- and micronutrients.

Nutri-Ject® Supreme Label                    Nutri-Ject®  MSDS                 

Nutri-Ject® Iron Zinc

A special formulation; for treating trees suffering from iron or zinc deficiency.  Each microinjection unit contains 12 ml of macro- and micronutrients, including increased iron (1%) and zinc(1%)

Nutri-Ject® Iron Zinc Label            Nutri-Ject® Iron Zinc MSDS

Nutri-Ject® Iron Manganese Zinc

A solution of macro- and micronutrients (12 ml per microinjection unit) with elevated levels of iron, zinc, and manganese (1.2%).  Especially effective for reversing foliar yellowing and branch dieback from construction activities

Nutri-Ject® Iron Manganese Zinc Label           Nutri-Ject® Iron Manganese Zinc MSDS 


A broad-spectrum systemic insecticide for control of certain insects on trees and shrubs.  Each unit contains 1.5 grams of acephate insecticide.  Dendrex® is labeled for aphids, scales, sawflies, beetles, and many other common insect pests.

Dendrex® Label                Dendrex®MSDS                      

Vivid® II

A new biorational insecticidal compound produced by Novartis is now available for controlling elm leaf beetle, scales, mites, aphids, adelgids and other pests.  Tree Tech® is the only source of abamectin for tree microinjection in California.

Vivid® II Label                        Vivid® II MSDS             


A restricted-use organophosphate insecticide manufactured by Gowan Company.  Harpoon® is available for use in the Tree Tech® microinjection unit and is labeled for the control of a wide variety of bark beetles and other insects in forest, ornamental, and non-crop bearing trees.

Harpoon® Label                    Harpoon® MSDS        

Propiconazole 14.3 (Alamo® replacement)

A broad-spectrum fungicide (propiconazole) that is manufactured by Syngenta.  It is now available in the Tree Tech® microinjection unites to aid in control of oak wilt, Dutch elm disease, sycamore anthracnose, and cedar apple rust, scab, and other leaf diseases of flowering crabapple.

Propiconazole 14.3 Label                      Propiconazole 14.3 MSDS     


A broad-spectrum systemic fungicide/ micronutrient solution for the treatment and reinvigoration of trees declining due to abiotic and disease-related causes. Systrex/Nutrient contains Bayleton fungicide from Bayer AG and a fertilizer solution including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. This formulation has proven effective for the suppression of fungi such as Fusarium spp. and the control of other plant diseases including rust, powdery mildew, leaf spots, and blights on trees in golf courses, parks and other urban and residential areas. Systrex/Nutrient has been particularly effective in treating conifers and hardwoods suffering from the effects of construction damage and environmental modification.

Systrex®/Nutrient Label                       Systrex®/Nutrient MSDS

Tree Tech Aliette® Injectable

A fungicide used for control of root diseases such as those caused by Phytophthora spp. and Armillaria spp.

Aliette® Label                                      Aliette® MSDS

Tree Tech® OTC

An effective oxytetracycline antibiotic for the control of bacterial and mycoplasma-related diseases such as fire blight, bacterial leaf scorch, and elm/ash yellows, elm phloem necrosis and lethal yellows of palm.

OTC Label                                          OTC MSDS


A de-flowering agent for sweet gum trees that is used to eliminate young flowers before they fertilize to form gum balls.  One application of Snipper® in early spring causes premature death of developing flowers but does not affect foliage.  Use Snipper® to eliminate costly maintenance of sweet gum trees in the fall.

Snipper® Label                             Snipper® MSDS

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